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MMC Corporation Berhad


Stormwater Management and Road Tunnel

What is SMART?

SMART is the first and one of a kind dual-purpose tunnel in the world. It is a nation pride, innovative, and a unique solution to the Malaysian capital’s long-term traffic and flooding problems. Completed in May 2007, the project is indeed a nation’s pride as it represents not only a cutting edge of the country’s construction industry and a world renowned engineering feat but has also proven that Malaysia has the capacity and expertise to create and implement a unique and innovative project such as SMART.

How SMART Operates?

The SMART Tunnel was constructed primarily to mitigate the flooding problem in the city. However, as the incidences of major storms in a year are limited, as an additional function, it is able to provide traffic relief on the southern gateway to the city centre. This innovative and unique design poses a very challenging task especially during the operation of the tunnel. The operations of the SMART Tunnel are classified into four different modes, as below :

Mode 1: No Storm

No flood water will be diverted into the SMART system.

Mode 2: Moderate Storm

The SMART system will be activated and flood water will be diverted into the bypass tunnel in the lower channel of the motorway. Up to this point, the motorway will still be opened to traffic.

Mode 3: Standby Mode for Major Storm

The SMART system will be activated and the motorway will be cleared and closed to traffic. Sufficient time will be allocated to allow the last vehicle to exit the motorway. Tunnel is on standby mode for stormwater diversion into the motorway component.

Mode 4: Prolonged Major Storm

The SMART system will be activated if heavy rainstorm prolongs, and the motorway will be filled with stormwater after all the flood gates are opened. Motorway component will be used for passage of flood after traffic evacuation completed. The motorway will be re-opened to traffic within 48 hours.

The SMART system will divert flood water from entering the critical stretch of Sungai Ampang and Sungai Klang via a holding pond, bypass tunnel and storage reservoir. The unique feature of SMART is the 3-kilometre double-deck motorway within the 9.7-kilometre tunnel which starts near the Kg. Pandan roundabout in the city centre and ends at Kuala Lumpur-Seremban Highway next to TUDM Airfield at Sungai Besi.

Kindly visit www.smarttunnel.com.my for more information on SMART.

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